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Psoriasis Scalp Treatment All Natural Samambaia Extract, 2 oz. Glass Bottle


About the product

  • SAMAMBAIA: 100% Polypodium Decumanum Extract Used by Amazonian Tribes for Thousands of Years
  • STRONG FORMULA: 4:1 Ratio, Imported from Amazon Rainforest, Bottled in USA
  • SUSTAINABLY WILDCRAFTED: All of our Products are Natural and Sourced Responsibly
  • GLUTEN FREE: All Natural Herbal Plant Product Direct from Peru Rainforest
  • 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: 100% Risk Free 60 Day Guarantee No Questions Asked Refund!
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over $74.00



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Samambaia liquid extract direct from the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, another incredible herb most people have not discovered for Scalp Psoriasis relief but word is spreading! Like most ferns, the Samambaia plant has an intricate and elaborate root (rhizome) system. This extensive root system draws nourishment from the earth up into the fronds and leaves. The rhizomes, fronds, and leaves of the Samambaia herb are the plant parts that are most often used by native Amazonian tribes for thousands of years to stay healthy and maintain natural holistic support. 

 Samambaia contains a plethora of nutrient-dense compounds including alkaloids, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and lipids amongst other important nutrients. Samambaia extract is widely respected throughout the Americas as a plant that has been studied and used for a multitude of problems with Scalp Psoriasis on the head, being one of the main ones. This is a liquid herbal extract that is a great Over the Counter Psoriasis solution for adults, kids, toddler, baby and for dogs as well.
Psoriasis Scalp Treatment All Natural Samambaia Extract, 2 oz. Glass Bottle

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