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Welcome to Blue Organix

Herbal Supplements for Natural Relief

Blue Organix is a herbal supplement company focused on natural results from rare herbs found in the Amazon Rainforest, India, Russia and parts of Asia. We keep our selection of products small so that we can get the very highest quality and most potent formula’s available. We make available the same ancient herbs tribes in the Amazon Rainforest have been using for thousands of years to keep their tribe people healthy. Thanks for stopping by our website! ~ Peter

Blue Organix Products

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Kidney Stone Crusher

Kidney Stones Treatment and Dissolver


Berberine 500mg HCL Complex Supplement

Bladder Control

Frequent Urination Overactive Bladder Control Pills


Maca Root Pills 600mg Capsules – 0.8%


Milk Thistle Extract Capsules Silymarin – 300mg

Dragon Blood

100% Raw, Pure Croton Lichleri, No Alcohol, 2 Ounces


100% Polypodium Decumanum Extract 2 Ounces

About Blue Organix

Blue Organix is a herbal supplement company specializing in organic and natural options for everyday problems such as kidney stones, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, overactive bladder and stress to name a few.

Founded by Marine Corps veteran Peter M. Humleker Jr. in 2015 it shortly exploded with their top selling Kidney Stone Crusher product which has become the #1 selling kidney stone treatment on Amazon.com.

Peter suffered from kidney stones himself which led to his researching a viable natural treatment that would work to expel stones and keep them from coming back.  His research led to a plant called Chanca Piedra that grows in the Amazon rainforest.

It was this research that led to the founding of Blue Organix which has since helped thousands of people overcome numerous health related problems.

Our philosophy is to keep a small product line devoted to the highest quality ingredients and focus on helping as many people as we can while maintaining the highest standards.   We do this by keeping a smaller, high quality product line, versus a larger line of 40-50 products made up from low and inexpensive cheap herbs.

REFUND POLICY: 100% Money Back Guarantee! We give everyone a 30 day money back guarantee, if you are not 100% satisfied simply email us for a full refund!

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3002 Wister Circle
Valrico, FL 33596


(307) 321-4595

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